Statement of Support


Mission: Achieve oral health for all North Carolinians.

Purpose: The North Carolina Oral Health Collaborative (NCOHC) convenes diverse stakeholders to identify and resolve consumer-level and systemic barriers to good oral health and to accelerate implementation of policies and practices that reduce oral health disparities and promote improved oral health for all North Carolinians.

Vision of Impact: In 2020, all North Carolinians recognize dental disease is preventable and can access quality and affordable oral health services to achieve better overall health and well-being.

Guiding Principles: accountability, boldness, collaboration, commitment, impact.

Values: Our values are both a way to prioritize our work and a call to action. They express our underlying assumptions about what it will take to improve oral health for all North Carolinians.

Prevention – Increasing acceptance and adoption of preventive interventions is the most effective way to reduce incidence and burden of disease.

Whole person care – Oral health is a critical component of good overall health throughout a person’s life span and a focus on oral health is a component of the comprehensive medical home.

Equity – Addressing complex barriers to accessing oral health services will reduce health disparities.

Cultural competence – Respectful interaction between providers and patients and their families is a critical component of quality care.

Patient engagement – We promote service delivery that engages and supports patients to learn more about their health and to set personal goals to increase healthy behaviors. We work with consumers to develop the Collaborative’s agenda and strategic direction.

Efficiency – Our oral health care system works best when patients have access to the right care at the right place at the right time; this may not be in a dentist’s office.

Guided by Science and Evidence – While we welcome and value different perspectives, we endeavor to base our policy recommendations on scientific evidence, proven best practices, and tested pilot models.



Collaborative Member Responsibilities Include:


• Actively supporting the NCOHC’s purpose and vision.

• Actively work to support unity to achieve the NCOHC’s purpose and work collaboratively with other organizations.

• Developing knowledge related to the oral health needs of North Carolinians, includingunderserved & high-risk populations.

• Willingness to apply such knowledge and/or expertise to advance the NCOHC’s purpose.

• Willingness to serve on workgroups or otherwise make substantive contributions to furthering the NCOHC’s purpose.

The NCOHC is an initiative of the Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation (the Foundation). The Foundation develops and supports innovative programs that advance affordable and sustainable quality health services to improve the health for the people of North Carolina: